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A Certificate Course in Gender Studies was introduced in 2014. Spread over two months, the course aims at imparting a nuanced understanding of gender issues and in helping to build a critical feminist perspective. Our resource persons are drawn from diverse fields of inquiry and include a mix of academics, filmmakers, researchers, women’s rights and LGBTQ activists and lawyers. 31 students successfully completed the course in the first year. The second year saw an enthusiastic participation of 38 students.


  • Inauguration
  • Session I- Sex, Gender and Sexuality
  • Session II - Multiple Identities of Oppression
  • Session III - Women and Surrogacy
  • Session IV - "Unlimited Girls"
  • Session V – Gendered Citizenship and Challenges of Engaging with the Legal System
  • Session VI - Sites of Reproduction of Patriarchy (Family, Religion, Economy and Politics)
  • Session VII - Writing a Response Essay
  • Session IX - Construction of Masculine Cultures
  • Session X – Popular Culture and Everyday Language
  • Session XI – Marginalised Sexualities and Genders
  • Session XII – Visualising the World Differently
  • Session XIII - The Raging Feminists
  • Valedictory Ceremony

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