Kiran Blitzkrieg is the annual Mass Media Festival of Kishinchand Chellaram College, organized by the students of Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM) & Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television & New Media Production (BAFTNMP).

This year it was organized on 17th September 2019. Blitzkrieg is one of the oldest & well organized Inter- collegiate Mass Media Festivals in Mumbai and this year it witnessed the highest participation ever in any BMM Festival in Mumbai with registrations from over 30 colleges, 15 full contingents with a footfall of 4000+ people from across colleges.

The theme for the year was Academie of Contrasts where the festival paid tribute to famous Bollywood directors, over the years by naming contingents- Imtiaz Ali, Raju Hirani, Abbas Mastan. Farhan Akhtar, Zoya Akhtar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, to name a few.

Kiran Blitzkrieg 2019 had an open admin room ensuring complete transparency and fair results, thus boosting the participants’ morale & belief.

The flagship events of Kiran Blitz includes the ‘Mock Band’ event- Awaazon ke Parinday, the Fusion event –In the shoes of which was a crossover between Drama & Fashion, Main film event–Lord of the screen which paid tribute to Hollywood directors & Iconic characters. Several other events relevant to mass media students – photography, advertising, journalism, scriptwriting, fine arts &PR were conducted.

There was a film appreciation workshop by ZIMA- Zee Institute of Media Arts and a Sports event titled ‘AAR YA PAAR’ was organized as a pre-event to Kiran Blitzkrieg.

Our celebrities & judges who graced the occasion included- Mr. Raman Iyer & Mr. Mukund Ramaswamy from Kabir Café, Mr. Prit Kamani, Mr. Sajid Samji, Ms. Jyoti Kapur Das, Ms. Eisha Chopra and Ms. Kanika Maheshwari to name a few.

Kiran Blitzkrieg 2019 saw a special CSR event organized in association with Janta Janardan Parishad, where they collected & distributed food grains, blankets & towels for assisting people below the poverty line.

The Launch of the festival saw Mr. Ali Raza Shaikh, a Reality TV .artist & Ms. Simrat Kaur a renowned Instagram influencer gracing the occasion.

The highlight of this year’s Kiran Blitzkrieg’s PR activity was the online, in-house fictional character, “Spot Dada” to explain the PR Activities, which went viral on the Instagram page.

Kiran Blitzkrieg was an amazing event under the bigger umbrella of the week-long festival of Kiran. We are thankful to our Principal, Dr. Hemlata Bagla & the Cultural Director, Ms. Neeta Dam for the smooth conduct of the festival.

Kiran Blitzkrieg 2019 was a memorable festival & will remain in our memories for many years.