Fiestron – the technological festival of the Department of Computer Science – is one of the most awaited festivals at KC. It sees a footfall of more than 50 of the best colleges in and outside Mumbai.

The Department of Computer Science organised its annual event, KIRAN- FIESTRON, the technical festival, on 18th and 19th September, 2019.

Tech Club, under its Chairperson, Bhargav Todankar, ensured that the bar was raised even higher this year.

Dr Hemlata Bagla inaugurated Kiran Fiestron on 18 th September 2019, which was followed by all major events :-

Box Cricket : Box Cricket event held on 18 th September at the Marine LInes Turf ground at which 16 teams participated.

CS Go : A well known computer game, 5v5 Counter Strike -GO, had 24 teams participating, each in their own unique style.

Pubg Mobile : The most trending game of the year 2019, PUBG – Mobile was held and became the largest and busiest event of Kiran 2019 with over 100 participants from various colleges.

RC Hurdle Dash : RC Hurdle Dash, the Remote Controlled Car race Event was another huge hit with racetrack hurdles of different difficulty levels. for all those racers to see who has their physics on point.

Tech Relay Race : Tech Relay Race event was entirely coded and created by students of the Department of Computer Science. It was a 5 level team event to be solved in the minimum time.

Fifa 19 : Fifa 19, a popular virtual console football game was conducted with 64 participants.

Kiran Fiestron 2019 was a resounding success.

Convener – Mr. Narendra Maurya

Co-ordinator – Dr. Shalini R Sinha

Co-Convenor – Ms. Beena Karutharan