Kiran Joule 2019, the 6th edition of Joule and the second installment of Kiran Joule was witnessed on the 16th of September 2019. The intercollegiate festival Kiran Joule; kickstarted the annual cultural fest of KC College; organized by the very students of the B4 department of the college.

In another progressive attempt to increasing learning through activities at KC college the 6th edition of Kiran Joule put up a boundless theme for the event incorporating carnivals and festivals celebrated all around the globe. Not only was the ideology behind the theme limitless but also executed in a manner which had diversity of the world within the four walls of the college as, not only the students of our college and other colleges of Mumbai were present, but also the students of various nationalities from all around the world were invited to this galore of carnivals.

Kiran Joule 2019 was a rollercoaster of events on an immeasurable competitive scale, like personality events, cultural events, management events, and the list goes on. This year the campus of KC college was also witness to a parade representing each participating college’s unique incorporation of their respective carnival ideas and themes. Each event was specially curated in a manner in which the participants would want to keep coming back for more, and not only that, each event was uplifted by the judges and the celebrity guests that were present on the day of Kiran Joule, special hosts and experienced A-listers from their respective fields were present amidst our events.

Every edition of Joule since it’s initiation at KC college as an intercollegiate event for the colleges of Mumbai, has held a specific category of participating events for individuals. Students participating at Joule at KC college have the opportunity to participate in 4 flagship events curated to test the skills, talents and wits of the participating students. Joule has two standardized flagship events namely Crime Scene Joule or better known as CSJ and Mr. & Ms. Joule.

One tests the speed and wits of participants to crack down crimes that have been prepared into a suspenseful storyline by the organizers and present a chronological reasoning of their investigation of the said event – CSJ.

The other event is the test of skills and talents in a tournament style personality contest which allows the students of various groundings to come forth and challenge one another for the titles of Mr. and Ms. Joule, the elitists of participants present in our midst from all over the city.

Along with the aforementioned flagship events there are two more such events that hold prime value in the the scoring criteria to elect a winning contingent. At the 6th edition of the B4 intercollegiate festival, Kiran Joule. Keeping up the spirit of festivals and carnivals the third flagship event was that of a dance competition: Dance Firsta; between the participating colleges but with a special criteria that required each contingent to incorporate their respective carnival ideas and themes; as was allotted to them; into their dance routines. Another twist of scale that was added to the dance event was an impromptu face off between one participant each, of each participating contingent.

Stock Kombat, yet another flagship event at Kiran Joule with an unlikely twist which involved video games and the knowledge of finances and trading just as it were Wall Street. This event involved trading on players in the infamous video game, mortal kombat wherein participants would play the game with characters on which their contingent was trading. The event too was a knockout based event leaving only one contingent with the highest points for placing first.