Systematic Chaos 2019

Kiran Systematic Chaos is presented by the department of Information Technology. The festival imparted futuristic technical education and instilled high patterns of discipline making participants technologically superior and ethically strong. It was a culmination of vast inspiration combined with strategic thinking and unbridled talent. The festival provided an exciting, competitive environment and a creative outlet for participants and spectators.

Kiran Systematic Chaos was a 02days inter-collegiate cultural festival under the umbrella festival of Kiran. The festival began with an opening speech by our beloved principal Dr HemlataBagla on 18th September 2019. The festival witnessed participation from over 51 colleges and a footfall of more than 2.5k students. The overwhelming participation and enthusiasm from the audience displayed an on ground version of systematic chaos.

The festival held 05 events in 2019 namely Laser Tag, Counter Strike Go, Rink Football, Selfie Hunt and Obstacle Race. Following is a brief description of the events organized at Kiran Systematic Chaos 2019.

Lazer Tag : Lazer tag is a game played with guns which fire infrared beams. Infrared sensitive targets are comply worn by each player. There are two teams each team consisting of 4 players.

CS-GO : It is a multiplayer shooter video game. The game pits two team against each other: the terrorist and the counter terrorist. Both teams consisting of 5 players each.

Rink Football : It is a team sport played between two teams of 4+1. The objective of the game is to score by moving the ball beyond the goal line into the opposing goal.

Selfie hunt: A treasure hunt event where participants were to solve puzzles basis the given clue and click a selfie at the destination to get the next clue.

Obstacle race: It is a relay race which was played by two teams. Two players will be crossing the obstacle from their end and other two will be focusing on task given to them.

The Counter Strike Go event saw maximum participation throughout the festival and left a footprint on the minds of not only the participants but also the audience.

Convener – Ms. Neeta Dam

Co-ordinator- Dr. Rakhi Gupta

Teacher – incharge – Mr. Sagar Mehta

V.C.P – Ms. Niyati P. Chauhan